Our mission is to give the world delicious healthy drinks that don’t compromise on flavour, function or sustainability.

Delicious Labs is the Brain child of Luke Raskino who learnt from his experiences when co-founding Flyte (the award winning clean energy drink) that’s now cleaning up the energy aisle with a  healthier, more appealing alternative – www.flytedrink.com.  Bringing Flyte to market meant having to build bespoke go to market development capabilities that would benefit any emerging brand in the beverage world trying to give their consumers healthier alternatives to what’s out there today.

We created Delicious Labs to bring your emergent ideas and brands to market with unique and proprietary approaches and methodologies that result in products that your consumers love, narratives that they want to share and a go to market model that’s truly scalable, whether it be nationally or globally.

We’ve developed numerous proprietary methodologies that could help both corporates and VC backed startups bring to market no compromise healthy drinks. Here are some examples

  1. Formulation DNA – creates the flavour and functional signature of your drink grounded in the needs and aspirations of your consumer
  2. Brand narrative – brings alive your North Star and unique product attributes in an engaging story for your packaging and marketing
  3. Visual DNA – interprets your Narrative in your pack design to engage and attract your consumer before they even read a word on your pack
  4. Channel proposition – Building your product moment into your channel strategy and developing the narrative and commercial proposition that will get buyers to buy-in to your product
  5. Product Market Fit – Getting early market validation of your 6 P’s (Product, Pack, Price, Promotion, People and Places) backed by data from stocking your product in its first 100 outlets to get you ready for scale.

So get in touch with us if you want to

  1. Improve the health credentials of your product without compromising on taste or functionality
  2. Adapt your product for the UK market to reach UK’s increasingly health conscious market
  3. Launch an awesome new healthy drink to solve a consumer problem or based on a category insight

You wont get a launch partner better than us for your product.

Our capabilities are designed to help you at every stage of your launch


Consumer research

Brand narratives

Brand designers to suit your budget

Brand semiotics

Packaging designers to suit your budget


Functional R&D

Food science and nutrition

State of the art development lab

Supply chain management

Network of bottlers for different product formats

Go to market

Campaign management for popups and trials

Influencer marketing for blogger reviews

Field sales team

150+ stockist network for market tests


/ Working with us is like having an R&D, Branding, Marketing, Campaigns and Sales team all in one. It’s a bit like you’re the CEO and we’re your team that makes it happen and you get to look great with your management or investors for shipping on time in full : )



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